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Disney method also in Pixar - more sequels and fewer original films
June 5, 2024

Disney method also in Pixar - more sequels and fewer original films

In an interview with Bloomberg, Pixar CEO talks about the future of the Emeryville studios in California. A future that leaves little new on the horizon.
The words are those of Jim Morris, CEO of the studios which have made originality their distinctive mark but which for some years have not seemed to get it right, thanks also to the choices of the "owners" The Walt Disney Company.

From the interview the excerpt that stands out "Pixar is now focusing on films with "clear mass appeal" with less focus on directors' "autobiographical tales" like Luca and Turning Red. The studio's movies should be less a pursuit of any director’s catharsis & instead speak to a commonality of experience".

For this reason, after Inside Out 2 in theaters all over the world in a few days, Morris talks about sequels as a loot of intellectual properties to be exploited, which will make the Inside Out characters come back again (probably) in a series as well as new sequel films for Finding Nemo, The Incredibles while Toy Story 5 is already in development just as Disney is aiming for the sequels to Zootopia and Frozen. The only original film currently scheduled is Elio [news] (initially scheduled for this year but then moved to June 2025).

However, the president is keen to underline that Pixar films will no longer be released directly on the Disney+ home platform (as happened during the Covid period) but only series, while for Inside Out 2has announced a theatrical window of at least 100 days before arriving on streaming.

Pete Docter, Pixar creative director adds "The world is more crowded today. There's so much material out there and it's increasingly difficult to surprise people. That means we have to work even harder."

Here is the response from Dana Terrace, creator of The Owl House (produced by Walt Disney), who commenting on Morris' words with a tweet.. .
"There's something very disgusting about telling directors, writers and artists their experiences and inspirations aren't "appealing" enough for the masses".

[ Fra - source Bloomberg/CartoonCreek/BadTaste ]

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