Event: Pete Docter

Date: August 10
Born on 10 August 1968 in Bloomington, Minnesota (USA).
His full name is Peter Hans Docter, he is an animator, director and screenwriter of animated films.

As a young man he grows in the countryside in almost isolation, far from the big cities. After studying philosophy and art at the University of Minnesota, he will move to the California Institute of the Arts where he will also be a Student Academy Award and complete his studies in 1990.

He has clear ideas and wants to find a job at Disney but he gets offers from Pixar and the producers of The Simpsons. Eventually he will accept the call of the first and will move to California at only 21 years.

It will be immediately good in the Emerville studios and under Lasseter will cover many roles, but for the first feature film Toy Story (1995) will take care of the script and, in particular, the development of the character Buzz Lightyear (which admits being very inspired by itself!).

From then it is history. Become one of the key figures of the studios (in the meantime bought by Disney). His contributions to Toy Story 2, A Bug's Life to his first feature film as a director include: Monster's & Co. , one of the greatest achievements made in Pixar. Two years later, the title of Studio Ghibli Howl's Moving Castle for the US edition will also be adapted.
In 2008 he will return to writing with another masterpiece: WALL-E and in 2009 again behind the camera (virtual) with UP.

Not even the prizes he received are counted; from the Oscars, as for the last UP, even nominated as best film of the year, up to the Golden Lion for the career delivered to Pete and the other great directors Pixar in the 2009 edition of the Venice Film Festival.

In 2018 he has been named Chief Creative Officer of the Pixar Animation Studios instead of Lasseter.

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