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The Worlds Divide - Denver Jackson's film arrives in Annecy
May 16, 2024

The Worlds Divide - Denver Jackson's film arrives in Annecy

The feature film The Worlds Divide, conceived and created entirely by a single person, is ready to land at Annecy. Find new promo below.
Presented on our pages a year ago [news], the film was financed by crowdfunding campaigns by the independent director and animator Denver Jackson at his animation studio Cloudrise Pictures (web series Esluna: the First Monolith).

Made with the sole help of Caleb Hystad (technical direction), Scott Ormsby (character modeling) and Marc Junker and David Parfit (music), the film is written, animated and directed by Jackson alone.

The sci-fi film stars Natomi (Breanna Pearl), a girl who is living a fearful life in a post-apocalyptic world consumed by war, when her father, Terric (Phillip Sacramento), transports her to a magical world called Esluna. There, Natomi encounters the queen, Idena (Chelsea Krause), who fears Natomi will take her place as ruler. Guided by her childhood companion, a stuffed bear named Miito (Max Lindsey) and a mysterious old warrior, Bataar (Andrew Lander), Natomi must face Idena and find the god of this world, her father.

In the official selection of the Annecy Festival 2024, The Worlds Divide presents the second teaser trailer:

[ Fra - source Cloudrise Pictures ]


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