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Appu - from the popular YouTube animated series to theaters
April 10, 2024

Appu - from the popular YouTube animated series to theaters

The feature film Appu is an Indian CG production born from a successful series published on the well-known video sharing platform. Info and trailer below.
A gripping 90-Minute cinematic experience presented in stunning 4K resolution, Appu sheds light on the alarming issue of elephant poaching. Appu, a charming and spirited young elephant calf, embarks on a transformative journey filled with courage and resilience, emerging from the devastation wrought by poachers. Through Appu's inspiring odyssey of self-discovery and bravery amidst environmental adversity, the movie captivates audiences, especially young viewers, imparting invaluable life lessons throughout. The film, stands as a testament to Appu's unwavering spirit in the face of injustice, championing environmental conservation. Reflecting values of kindness, loyalty, and determination, it transcends mere entertainment to become an inspiring edu-tainment experience. With elephant poaching posing a grave threat to our environment, the movie serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for action. Through its captivating visuals and compelling storyline, it implores viewers to safeguard these magnificent creatures and preserve our planet for future generations.

Written by Prosenjit Ganguly and directed by himself together with Sanjay Raheja and Suraj Raheja, the feature film arrives in Indian theaters in a few days, from April 19in both Hindi and English language.

Here the trailer:

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