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Trailer for the special A Bear Named Wojtek
September 4, 2023

Trailer for the special A Bear Named Wojtek

Between war and homesickness, the animated short titled A Bear Named Wojtek tells a true story of a strange friendship. Info and trailer below.
A Bear Called Wojtek is essentially a love story for one's homeland, an important subject in times of refugees, nationalism and xenophobia.

It tells the experience of the Polish people during the Second World War through the true story of Wojtek and his friend Peter Prendys, driver of the 22nd Artillery Corps of the 2nd Polish Army. A platoon of Polish soldiers, exiled in the Persian desert, find a small orphaned Syrian teddy bear whom Peter calls Wojtek - "the happy warrior". For Peter, the bear represents his lost homeland, which needs protection and care in order to become strong and independent again. For Wojtek, Peter and the soldiers become his only family. Peter and Wojtek's journey through warfare is epic and the film explores mythic tales of Wojtek's alleged drinking and fighting; become a soldier enlisted in the Polish army, not to mention the famous story of Wojtek helping fight in the battle of Monte Cassino.

A half-hour long project produced by the U.K. The Illuminated Film Company and co-produced by the Warsaw studios Filmograf, created using two-dimensional animation, CGI and rotoscoping techniques.

Directed by Scottish director Iain Gardiner (The Tannery, The Loch Ness Kelpie and Akbar's Cheetah, Ethel & Ernest, The Willows in Winter, The Thief and the Cobbler) and written by Wojciech Lepianka, the soundtrack is composed by Normand Roger.

Presented in the major animation festivals and not all over the world in these weeks, here is the trailer:

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