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The epic Chang'An is the new film from China's Light Chaser Animation
August 18, 2023

The epic Chang'An is the new film from China's Light Chaser Animation

The animated feature that begins a new era of historical/epic films being produced at Light Chaser Animation in China is titled Chang'An, created with a more impressive CGI animations.
With a good debut at the local box office, with over $242 million grossed after a few weeks, becoming the fourth grossing animated film of the year, the new film produced by the Beijing-based animation studios Light Chaser Animation is ready to be appreciated out of China.

The film is the first in a new series of (Chinese) cultural films being planned by the studios. Director Zou Jing explained that these films will be based on current Chinese historical figures, who will pivot all the productions.

Set during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Chang'An is based on the interweaving life stories of the legendary poets Gao Shi and Li Bai, the latter being one of China's most famous poets ever. In the capital city of Chang'An, years after the An Lushan Rebellion, Tang general Gao Shi tells a chief eunuch in the military the sprawling story of his lifelong friendship with Li Bai.

Here the trailer and a behind the scene:

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