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The Worlds Divide - a film made solely by Denver Jackson
May 12, 2023

The Worlds Divide - a film made solely by Denver Jackson

We show you the teaser trailer of an animated feature film still in production by a single artist. Below the first animations for The Worlds Divide.
With funds raised in a Kickstarter campaign, independent writer, director and animator Denver Jackson and his animation studio Cloudrise Pictures (web series Esluna: the First Monolith) is developing an interesting project.

An action-packed, scifi film set in two worlds. One, a dystopian cyber-punk future and the other, the lush fantasy world of Esluna. The adventure story features a girl named Natomi who is sent to the world of Esluna, where she and her new found friends try to navigate this new world in attempts to get to her father, a god of this world, before she is hunted and killed by the ruthless queen.

Made with the help of Caleb Hystad (technical direction), Scott Ormsby (character modeling) and Marc Junker and David Parfit (music), the feature is written, animated and directed by Jackson alone.

After having raised more than $100,000 to partly finance the two years of the artist's work, the film should be completed by the end of the year and see the light in 2024. The currently programmed duration is 1 hour and 49 minutes.

Find all the information on the Kickstart page. Here the teaser trailer:

[ Fra - source CartoonBrew ]

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