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Annecy Animation Showcase 2023
May 1, 2023

Annecy Animation Showcase 2023

At the Cannes event dedicated to professionals in the world of cinema Annecy presented the top titles of the new 2023 edition. Info and video below.
One of the major events dedicated to animated productions will be held from 11 to 17 June in the homonymous French town of Annecy.

Among the major titles that will be presented during the event we find:

- Rock Bottom by Marķa Trenor (Spain)
Winner of a $21,000 Netflix award at Spain's Mianima mentoring program, and one of the most original animation productions coming out of Spain, inspired by the early life and acclaimed 1974 art rock album of former-Soft Machine vocalist-drummer Robert Wyatt. The musical uses a stylized rotoscoping technique combined with 2D animation.

- Heirloom by Upamanyu Bhattacharyya (India)
Set in 1960s Ahmedabad on the cusp of technological revolution which splits a family, husband Kirti spends a fortune on a handloom museum while wife Sonal wants him to enter the power loom business. The couple are able to travel into their past via a magical tapestry that contains their family story.

- Silex and the City by Jul, Jean-Paul Guigue (France)
Based on Jul's celebrated comic series, already adapted into a TV series, cocks a snook at the pretensions of the modern-age, through a Stone Age family that is transported to the present day.

- Hina is Beautiful by Iwaisawa Kenji (Japan)
A highly entertaining action drama, made in 3D and rotoscoping, it is set in Izu, Japan, where men are fighting over a woman called Hina. What is it exactly that makes Hina mislead men? As the men try to reveal their true feelings for Hina, strong, muscly men also get involved and the sound of the festival drum signals the start of a confrontation.

- The Son of a Bitch, by Otto Guerra, Tania Anaya, Erica Maradona, Savio Leite (Brazil)
A comedy-drama and the latest from Otto Guerra, one of Latin America's great animation veterans, chronicles the personal odyssey of Ishmael who flees to the big city from his inland country of Minas Gerais, where his mother runs a brothel. But he can't escape his origins.

Here is the video with some clips from the films:

[ Fra - source Variety ]
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