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The 1st anniversary of DALL-E is celebrated with the short Critterz
April 27, 2023

The 1st anniversary of DALL-E is celebrated with the short Critterz

The AI image-generating DALL-E celebrates its one-year anniversary with an animated short made with its means. The full version of the video follows.
To celebrate the first year of DALL-E of OpenAI the author and director Chad Nelson together with Nik Kleverov of Native Foreign teamed up with AI to make the animated short Critterz.

"It's been magical to watch Chad's creativity flow from his brain, through DALL-E and onto the screen with so much heart," said Natalie Summers, Communications and Artist Relations at OpenAI. "Critterz is a vibrant example of how artists can use AI tools to unlock ideas that were once out of reach because of budget, time or resources.".

The film is a sort of animated science documentary with a surreal dialogue between the narrator and the creatures.

A project that made use of images entirely generated with DALL-E through natural language description, producing hundreds of images per day for the original backgrounds and characters, involving a team of animators and designers to translate the 2D elements into a 3D short.

But it is good to specify that it is a very long process and not totally automated or simple as it may seem. The "making of" video below illustrates its complexity. Beyond the descriptions used to generate hundreds of images, many interventions are needed, from backgrounds to characters, and integration with other software for 3D implementation and lip animation.

Here's the short film and behind-the-scenes:

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