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Four Souls of Coyote - Native American myths in animation
March 6, 2023

Four Souls of Coyote - Native American myths in animation

It is an all-Hungarian animated production that brings Native American myths to the big screens. A feature film entitled Four Souls of Coyote of which you will find info and trailer immediately below.
One of the most original productions expected at the next Cartoon Movie is a feature film made by Cinemon Entertainment of Budapest, conceived and written by Annecy Cristal Award winner Áron Gauder (The District), a 2D animated project is described as an epic adventure about the creation of the universe inspired by a Native American myth.

"I have always been inspired by Native American culture since my childhood days," says Gauder in Animation Magazine interview. "I made two short animated shorts films based on Native American tales with a similar visual approach. During the Communist era, I participated in Native summer camps and acquired some knowledge about the harmony between humans and the Earth."

The turning point is the meeting with Tamás Cseh, a legendary Hungarian songwriter and founder of the Hungarian American Indian cultural circle. Precisely on the tales of their myths translated and recorded by the singer-songwriter before he died, Gauder created the version of it in animations.

Together with the producer Réka Temple of Cinemon Entertainment, two short films of "Coyote Tales" were made and presented in numerous festivals where they were appreciated. This gave us the impetus to think of something aimed at the big screens.

A production (between the feature film and the first two shorts) that took 10 years, with the film production started in 2016 involving around 200 artists. A work mainly of classic 2D animations with some 3D expedients only for camera movements.

"Four Souls of Coyote is an alternative and more modest creation myth, in which the human being is neither the top creature of nature nor the king of the world, but only one of all the creatures," concludes Gauder. "With the help of animation, I would like to draw the attention to this story in an adventurous way and to point out that we should live environmentally responsible lives and respect Mother Nature. ​I believe that the story gives everyone hope that it’s still not too late to correct the current course. This is our final chance to save our planet."

Waiting to know the international dates, here is a long trailer:

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