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JuliŠn is the new feature film from Cartoon Saloon studios
December 27, 2022

JuliŠn is the new feature film from Cartoon Saloon studios

The Irish studios Cartoon Saloon have put into production a new feature film of which we see the first image and the information immediately below.
Cartoon Saloon is developing JuliŠn, which will also mark the feature directorial debut of Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Louise Bagnall ( Late Afternoon), title based on the graphic novel "JuliŠn is a Mermaid" by Jessica Love.

"Iíve never adapted anything before," said Bagnall, before her opportunity with this book presented itself. "it was a project that I can feel passionate about, but also something that speaks to me artistically, visually, thematically. And more importantly, what did I want to spend years of my life working on?" The director, after the numerous experiences with animated short films, he held the role of assistant director of the latest "My Father's Dragon" by Nora Twomey.

Official synopsis: The wide-eyed JuliŠn spends a summer of discovery in New York City with his Abuela. Nearly strangers, they brace themselves for tense conversations and new adventures. The colorful chaos of Abuela's world, and the stories she tells him, awakens something within JuliŠn... questions about who he is and who he could be. JuliŠn's journey will reach across the diaspora, from Brooklyn block to the depths of the ocean, in an intergenerational ebb and flow. Through Abuela's world, JuliŠn explores his identity, gender expression, and the hidden heritage of his family.

Production has just begun and also sees the author of the story Jessica Love as general design consultant. The production is carried out by Cartoon Saloon together with Folivari, Sun Creature, Aircraft Pictures and Wychwood Media (David Yate's Wychwood Media brought the story inside the studios).

The film does not yet have a release date or distribution but will be sold at the next Cartoon Movie.

Here the first poster:

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