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Cinematography: Arcane - state of the art with 3D and 2D together
May 30, 2022

Cinematography: Arcane - state of the art with 3D and 2D together

Cinematography in Animation Industry, our professional column dedicated to the animated industry, leads us to explore the serial production inspired by the League of Legends videogame.
The serial production made by the Parisian studios of Fortiche has been praised by many critics and in many ways. But what lies behind this production, apparently all in CG, is a quantity of 2D assets even higher than the one with three mentions, it's extraordinary.

The speed with which the events follow each other leave little time for the eyes to study the whole scene, and, reviewing everything a second time with a critical eye, one cannot fail to be surprised by the tricks adopted and how they are perfectly linked to every other aspect.

Starting from backgrounds or all fixed elements up to special effects, two-dimensional animations are absolute masters of production, and the reason for their use goes beyond the budget (recreating all the architectural elements and objects in CGI even if they would have remained on the screen for a few seconds or less would have been more of a waste than anything else). Two-dimensional drawings are often used by moving them closer or further away from the frame at different times to simulate the more classic forward or backward camera movements, such as "multiplane camera" animated productions [wiki].

Obviously, the greatest work was precisely knowing how to perfectly blend these two manufacturing techniques, with a more than extraordinary result. A result certainly imposed by the budget, but seen from the perspective of efficiency and optimization.

A study of many of the tricks have been studied by Stylized Station:

The Parisian studios could only count on a staff of just 16 people, which became over 300 thanks to collaborations in numerous other European studios and independent artists. Obviously, the creative contribution of the creators of the video game, Riot Games, was very important, who also praised the efforts of the animation studios.

Here are their words:

[ Fra - source StreamWars ]
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