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Patrick Osborne works on This Tape Deck is a Time Machine
April 6, 2022

Patrick Osborne works on This Tape Deck is a Time Machine

The project behind a new animated series that director Osborne and the Nexus studios is working on is titled This Tape Deck is a Time Machine. Below a first taste.
Yesterday the studios based in Los Angeles and London, Nexus Studios (The House and the special Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles with Billie Eilish), have announced their new production involving award-winning director Patrick Osborne (the shorts Feast and Pearl).

The project is titled This Tape Deck is a Time Machine and, as the name announces, is about an old cassette recorder capable of moving the owner back and forth in time. An adventure starring a teenager who is transported into the moments of other people's lives by the songs played by the old tape recorder. A story of friendship and love centered on soulmates born generations apart.

A story inspired by the director's own childhood adventures that is brought to the screen with 2D-like animations created in real time thanks to Epic's Unreal Engine render engine.

A work that overturns the normal classic processes of animated productions, not even making use of final compositing but also programming the particular aesthetic level to be rendered in real time by the Unreal Engine together with music and sounds, for a substantial saving of time and the possibility of seeing the final result and any type of intervention without waiting for further steps.

New creative and technological processes that greatly help the animated production industry, leaving the authors more freedom, almost like a live-action production.

You can learn more about this in our special Cinematography in Animation Industry on real-time animation.

Here the teaser for This Tape Deck is a Time Machine:

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