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Super Giant Robot Brothers! First Netflix's series created with Unreal
January 27, 2022

Super Giant Robot Brothers! First Netflix's series created with Unreal

One of the new animated productions produced by Netflix and titled Super Giant Robot Brothers! will be made with a well-known video game rendering engine.
Unreal Engine by Epic Games, but also other software such as Unity and Blender, are increasingly entering cinematographic and animated productions in particular.

This new series, Super Giant Robot Brothers!, produced at the Texan studios Reel FX (Rumble, The Book of Life) and entrusted to the director Oscar-winning Mark Andrews (Pixar's Brave), is created using the well-known video game rendering engine Unreal Engine.

In a nutshell, the program allows the production to film the the live-action (motion-capture) with the cameras and see it processed in real time on the screens of the authors, while the artists first elaborate the models of the characters and the settings.

Find a more in-depth special on these techniques in our column Cinematography in Animation Industry.

Director Andrews reports: "There's got to be a way to get that real-time flavor of making the movie in live action and the control that I have in animation, and put them together." Showrunner Tommy Blacha adds "When you're animating stuff [traditionally], you construct all that fake stuff: every hand gesture, every head movement - all this incredible tedious stuff".

"These innovations make animation production more accessible to the live-action filmmaker, allowing them to use their existing toolset and vocabulary to readily direct animated film and television content, and even hire a live action crew for production and editing," reads a press release.

Super Giant Robot Brothers! will be available on the popular streaming platform later this year.

Waiting for more information, here is a behind the scenes with an unedited scene at the end of the movie:

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