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Cinematography: Squash and Stretch
November 21, 2021

Cinematography: Squash and Stretch

Our professional appointment with the Cinematography in Animation Industry today brings us a classic among animation techniques: Squash and Stretch.
In addition to the new techniques, programs and ideas aimed at the future of animated industry productions, it is also important to take a look at the principles that govern these productions. And Squash and Stretch is one of the main ones we explore today.

It is no secret that the 12 Principles of Animation are the foundation for every work of an animator. These principles are like a real language with which it is possible to understand how this industry works.

Introduced in the book "The Illusion of Life" by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, these 12 principles have since been considered the roadmap to excellence for both aspiring and for veterans of animation, whatever technique is chosen.

Among the various tutorials, more or less long and explanatory, we propose two very simple and intuitive ones: the first shows the 12 principles in a tutorial created by the animators of Brown Bag Films using, obviously, a brown bag.

In the second, however, DevaMotion shows us how a simple animation is made that includes Squash and Stretch in stop-motion animation using Claymation, step by step.

A video shot in 45 minutes and with a post-production of about an hour, for an animation of about five seconds and a total video of two minutes.

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