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The Walking Liberty is the new film by Alessandro Rak
October 19, 2021

The Walking Liberty is the new film by Alessandro Rak

The Neapolitan director Alessandro Rak is ready to return with his new film titled Yaya and Lennie - The Walking Liberty. Below info and trailer.
"A hymn to freedom because freedom is the premise of every healthy choice of loving bond as well as the only way that does not lead to the obvious and the inexorable. A hymn to walking, traveling, the landscape, which they are the breath of every healthy thought. A hymn to green, which is life and hope."

The film, successfully presented at the Locarno Film Festival 2021, is the highly anticipated new film by award-winning animation director Alessandro Rak, produced by the studios Mad Entertainment with the cinema office of the Italian broadcaster Rai.

The film takes us to a time when, following a mysterious upheaval, the world as we know it today is over. Nature has forcefully taken over the planet and now the jungle covers the whole earth. From the rubble a new society is trying to rise again. This is "The Institution", whose followers try to restore the pre-established order by imposing their concept of law on the free people of the jungle. But there are those who strongly oppose their process of "civilization".

Here the trailer:

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