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Cinematography: Sherman - analysis of a short film made with Unity
June 14, 2021

Cinematography: Sherman - analysis of a short film made with Unity

A new appointment with our professional column Cinematography in Animation Industry takes us again into the world of Real time 3D animation but with a practical example.
Real Time Animation is a very large topic that we just started scratching the top a few weeks ago. Find the first article by clicking on this link.

Today we are talking about one example in particular, a short film made with the Unity rendering engine and all its real-time workflow processes. The animated short is titled "Sherman" and you can find it in full version below:

Now let's explore the main features and the making-of of this project:

Unity for Look Development:

"Design any 2D or 3D look with our highly scriptable render pipeline and Shader Graph. Unlock real-time rendering for every other department, and enjoy increased efficiency though production. Make dynamic changes to assets that can propagate instantly at any point in production. Render 4Kk resolution in milliseconds."

Unity for Lighting & Compositing:

"Make dynamic lighting changes throughout production and turn dailies into work sessions. Take advantage of state-of-art features like volumetric lighting and increase quality with fast iteration cycles. Achieve fidelity of graphics in post processing that includes Ambient Occlusion and Anti-aliasing directly in Unity. Grade your colours in real-time to ensure picture-perfect pixels."

Unity for Layout:

"Lay out your scene with richer context and all-in-one workflows. Increase productivity by 50% thanks to Unity’s Timeline and Cinemachine features. Enjoy smooth interoperability between DCC and Unity with FBX and Alembic. Blocking your characters and props with access to real-time lighting and look dev means you make informed creative decisions."

Real time animation is a very interesting topic and will be increasingly present in the coming years, as it is already used in numerous film/television productions, both animated or made with mixed techniques or whatever productions using visual special effects.
We will continue to explore this sector by analyzing similar processes made with other software and more.

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