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Winnipeg, Seeds of Hope - On the run from the Spanish Civil War
March 4, 2021

Winnipeg, Seeds of Hope - On the run from the Spanish Civil War

We present a new animated European-South American co-production: Winnipeg, Seeds of Hope inspired by a historical fact related to Pablo Neruda.
Produced between the Spanish studios Diblitoon Studio and La Ballesta, the Chilean El Otro Film and the French Midralgar, it is a drama genre film made with 2D animations directed to an adult audience selected for the next Cartoon Movie.

The story relates the fascinating odyssey of 2,400 refugees of the Spanish Civil War, who crossed half the world in order to find a new life in Chile aboard the Winnipeg, a small liner. The voyage was led by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, together with his second wife Delia del Carril. In a dark time when thousands of Spaniards were forced to flee their country in order to save their lives and were interned in refugee camps, the Winnipeg crossing became a symbol of hope and future. The film centers on one of these "children of Neruda": a little girl named Julia who escapes Barcelona with her young widower father.

The film, currently in development, is directed by Elio Quiroga, director with experience in live-action films and animated short films, and Benat Beitia, art director, creative and director at ease with animated productions. The author of the graphic novel that inspired this film, Laura Martel, originally from the Canary islands, wrote the screenplay together with the directors. Another Canarian, Diego Navarro (nominated for the Goya Award for Capture the Flag, The Photographer of Mauthausen, Passage to Sunrise), is the composer of the soundtrack.

Here the first teaser and a poster:

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