Event: Studio Ghibli
Date: 15-6
On June 15th 1985 Studio Ghibli, inc., an animation film studio was founded in Tokyo.

Founded by Hayao Miyazaki together with his colleague and mentor Isao Takahata, their anime are known and appreciated all over the world: they have contributed to the spread and re-evaluation of this kind outside the mother country.

The origins of the studios, however, date back to two years earlier, when in 1983 he began working on Nausica della Valle del vento, previously serialized in 1982 as a manga by Tokuma Shoten, the company from which Studio Ghibli was born.

The name of the animation studio refers to the Ghibli, a hot wind ("sirocco") typical of the desert. The choice of the name was made by Miyazaki, aviation historian (the Ghibli or Caproni Ca.309 was a plane of the Regia Aeronautica designed to operate in North Africa with the colonial aviation), to signify the enthusiasm and determination to create something new and sensational in the world of Japanese animation.

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