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Cinematography: Waiting with Makoto Shinkai
February 27, 2021

Cinematography: Waiting with Makoto Shinkai

Our Cinematography in Animation Industry appointment is back, dedicated to the professional insights that today takes us to Japan to analyze the brilliant author, animator and director Makoto Shinkai.

The "waiting" moments also used as a transaction between two scenes are present in practically every Japanese animated production, a technique that comes from dramatic cinema that is expanded and enhanced in the Far East.

Makoto Shinkai films, most of all drama, make extensive use of these moments without dialogue, scenes of even a few seconds that have a very important role in the storytelling. A real protagonist added to the cast.

A very detailed work applied to these scenes, developed in pre-production by the director himself, with camera in hand, and displayed just as seen from the lenses, with elements in focus and not, flares and other details, always on fixed shots.

This results in very high quality backgrounds, as photorealistic as possible, with the moving elements in the foreground corrected according to the color dominances of the backgrounds.

Patience, reflection and waiting are, finally, part of a large amount of emotions and feelings that the main characters express without the use of any dialogue.

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