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Feature Films Out of Competition and Screening Events at Annecy 2019
April 18, 2019

Feature Films Out of Competition and Screening Events at Annecy 2019

We conclude our report on animated feature films presented within the new edition of the Annecy Film Festival. Below the titles out of competition and the special events.
After the list of "In Competition" released yesterday [ news ], here's the second part of the program.

Here the list of the film out of competition:

Away (Latvia)
Directed by: Gints ZILBALODIS

A boy and a little bird are travelling across an island on a motorcycle trying to escape a dark spirit and return home.

Children of the Sea (Japan)
Directed by: Ayumu WATANABE

Ruka is a school girl who lives with her mother. She is passionate about handball, and on the first day of the holidays she is excluded from her team. Furious she decides to go and visit her father at the aquarium where he works. There she meets Umi, who appears to have a gift for communicating with marine animals. Ruka is fascinated. One evening supernatural events occur.

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Dia de Muertos (Salma's Big Wish - Mexico)
Directed by: Carlos GUTIERREZ

In the little town of Santa Clara, lives Salma, a 16-year-old orphan who has spent most of her life searching for clues to the identity of her biological parents. But, without any keepsakes to bring them back on the annual celebration of the Day of the Dead, she is forced to embark on a journey to the only place she hasn't looked.

Homeless (Chile)
Directed by: José Ignacio NAVARRO COX, Jorge CAMPUSANO, Santiago O'RYAN

When the world's worst financial crisis in history breaks out, a bunch of marginal street bums confront the dictatorship of the last corporation standing. The vagabonds want to reestablish the system, the one they despise so much, so that they can have their camp back under a bridge.

Kung Food (China)
Directed by: Haipeng SUN

Super Bao, an innocent and passionate steamed stuffed bun, goes through untold hardships and finally grows into a great hero who saves the food world.

Underdog (South Korea)
Directed by: Sung-yoon OH, Chun-baek LEE

A dog is a man's best friend. Affectionate and loyal, but once he gets old, or behaves badly, he is thrown out like a dirty hanky. Although when he finds himself alone face to face with nature again, his animal instinct returns, and then his place as a pack animal. United and determined this little pack of stray dogs will slowly but surely relearn how to survive on their own, and discover freedom.

Ville Neuve (Canada)
Directed by: Félix DUFOUR-LAPERRIÈRE

The poetry and powerful images bring together intimate and collective destinies. Joseph moves into a friend's house and tries to reconnect with the woman who left him. A fragile redemption becomes imaginable, in a Quebec, perhaps, at the dawn of its independence.

Zero Impunity (France, Luxembourg)
Directed by: Nicolas BLIES, Stéphane HUEBER-BLIES, Denis LAMBERT

This is part of a global transmedia project combining investigative journalism and activism, aimed at ending the seemingly total impunity for the use of sexual violence in current armed conflicts, featuring inspiring victims around the world who have the courage to break their silence. Join the Movement!

Here the list of the Screening Events:

Modest Heroes (Japan)

For a French premiere, Studio Ponoc unveils the first three creations of Ponoc Short Films Theatre!

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Playmobil: The Movie (France, Germany)

Premiere of the film in the presence of its director Lino DiSalvo.

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Le Voyage du Prince (Luxembourg, France)

A film by Jean-Francois Laguionie & Xavier Picard.

Toy Story 4 (USA)

Attend the screening of the Toy Story saga's latest installment in the presence of its director, Josh Cooley!

Take a look at the first animations on our pages.

Spycies (China, France)

The fate of the world hangs in the balance for the two whimsical secret agents, the demanding but rebellious Vladimir, and Hector the rookie geek: following the theft of the top-secret classified material, Radiuzite, from an offshore platform, the tandem must save the planet from a climate threat, whilst in the middle of their investigation, start the drums rolling!

Human Lost (Japan)

Tokyo, 2036. A revolutionary medical discovery has just been exposed. By means of nanomachines, humans are guaranteed a 120-year lifespan free from illness. An idyllic promise... for the handful of those who can access it. Increasing economic disparities, ethical and moral decadence, pollution... The reverse side of the ideal suggests a much darker evolution of humanity.

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