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Director Lee Unkrich (Coco - ToyStory3) leaves Pixar
January 21, 2019
Director Lee Unkrich (Coco - ToyStory3) leaves Pixar
In 2019 Pixar loses another of his finest pieces, Lee Unkrich, the artist part of the original group of creative at the center of the studios, multi-award winning, who decides to leave to do something else.
He was there from the beginning. Since the historical Toy Story (presented in 1995), passing through numerous titles in which Lee Unkrich has left somehow the mark, covering different roles up to that of director who has kept him busy in recent years with two titles: Toy Story 3 and Coco, both world-famous and awarded with the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

The director himself announced on Twitter he leaving Pixar after 25 years: "I'm not leaving to make films at another studio; instead, I look forward to spending much-needed time with my family and pursuing interests that have long been back-burnered."

The new Chief Creative Officer of Pixar, Pete Docter, says "Lee arrived at Pixar as we were crafting Toy Story, and hes had a profound effect on all Pixar films since. He literally taught us rookie filmmakers about staging, composition, and cutting. His artistry and expert craftsmanship as an editor and co-director became a major reason for the high quality of our filmmaking, and as Lee went on to direct, his ability to find the deep humor and emotion enabled him to create some of the strongest films weve made. He will be sorely missed but we are enormously grateful for his tireless dedication to quality, and his ability to touch the hearts of audiences around the world."

Lee credits can be found in almost every major film from the studios, from Toy Story (editing) to the second chapter Toy Story 2 (editing and co-direction), Monsters & Co. (co-direction and additional editing), Finding Nemo (co-direction and editing supervision), Toy Story 3 (history and direction), Coco (history and direction) until the short Dante's Lunch (direction).

Also the next film Toy Story 4, expected this summer, has Lee as one of the authors of the original story.

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