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Trailer for the anime You are Ms. Servant
July 4, 2024

Trailer for the anime You are Ms. Servant

The new anime that will be broadcast by Crunchyroll expected for autumn is You are Ms. Servant, an anime of which we show you a promo below.
This is the story of a maid who is all alone in the world, but who finally finds a family.
Told from young that her only worth is as a killer, Yuki had known nothing else except cold efficiency and following orders. Now that she has a chance to leave her past behind, she arrives at the doorstep of Hitoyoshi Yokoya, asking to be employed... as a maid?! Thus begins the journey of a former assassin learning what it means to be "normal"!

Based on the ongoing manga by Shotan, in Japan with the title Kimi wa Meido-sama, the anime is directed by Ayumu Watanabe (Children of the Sea, Space Brothers, Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko) at the FelixFilm studios, with the script supervised by Deko Akao (Higehiro, Komi Can't Communicate, Flying Witch), the characters designed by Tomoyasu Kurashima (Infinite Stratos) and the music composed by Masahiro Tokuda (Ishura, Platinum End).

The anime is expected in Japan on the TV Asahi channel from October within the NUMAnimation block and for all territories reached by Crunchyroll immediately after.

Here the promo:

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