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Mechanical Arms - the trailer of the original Mecha-Ude anime
March 26, 2024

Mechanical Arms - the trailer of the original Mecha-Ude anime

A new and long-awaited anime presents itself to fans: it's titled Mecha-Ude and below we show you promo, info and release date.
Kitakagami City is a pretty normal town... except that some people have gotten their hands on Mecha-Ude: powerful, sentient mechanical beings attached to the limbs of their hosts. When middle school kid Hikaru accidentally activates Alma, a mysterious Mecha-Ude with no memory of his past, he forms an unlikely connection with the talking arm. But where did Alma come from? And why are shadowy secret organizations and corporate assassins with deadly Mecha-Ude of their own suddenly chasing Hikaru down, hell-bent on stealing Alma? Hikaru and Alma must learn to work together to uncover the truth behind Alma's identity and prevent him from ending up in the wrong hands (or on the wrong arm)!

Mecha-Ude is the original project of Sae Okamoto, author and director at the young TriF Studio based in Fukuoka. Yasuhiro Nakanishi supervises the script, Terumi Nishii and Yoko Uchida take care of the character designs, Nurikabe the concept design and Hiroyuki Sawano, Kohta Yamamoto and DAIKI composing the music.

Produced by Pony Canyon, the series will be available in October.

Here the trailer:

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