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Animusic Weekend: Vita Spericolata
December 23, 2023

Animusic Weekend: Vita Spericolata

Animusic, the weekend appointment between music and animations that brings us to the Christmas holidays, we celebrate it with an important anniversary of a great Italian singer and the 40th anniversary of his album Bollicine. Below is the animated video of the song Vita Spericolata.
An important milestone, that of the legendary album by the Italian rocker Vasco Rossi and one of his most iconic songs, Vita Spericolata, which has a new look with an animated video directed by Arturo Bertusi with 3D animations by Delumen (Modena) and 2D ones by Matteo Manzini.

Published a few days ago, here it is:

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Texts license rules
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