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A Netflix short film experiences AI in making backgrounds
February 2, 2023

A Netflix short film experiences AI in making backgrounds

A new short film produced by Netflix, The Dog & the Boy, experiments with the use of AI in its production and sparks debate among film professionals jobs. Find info and the short in full version below.
The Dog & the Boy is an experimental production by the Creators Base department of Netflix Japan together with the Japanese WIT Studio and Rinna with the particularity that the backgrounds were generated with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

This office (Creators Base) was set up to study projects to improve the production conditions of animation studios in Japan and make up for the manpower shortage the industry is experiencing.

In the end credits of the short film the use made of these new tools is specified, starting from the hand-drawn layout and moving on to computer-generated images and finally revised and decorated by an uman artist.

The final image sees small details often totally invented by the AI, still not totally reliable which is helped by human hands at the beginning of the process and at the end. A job that makes not only insiders turn up their noses but that could eventually help productions, without replacing the human contribution (even if this too will surely be experimented with).

Waiting for developments, here is the short The Dog & the Boy:

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