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Undone - video clips and release date of the season 2
March 14, 2022

Undone - video clips and release date of the season 2

The beautiful animated series made with the rotoscoping technique and produced by Amazon is ready to return with the second season.
Undone is created by Dutch indie artist Hisko Hulsing (director and production designer of the series), created by rotoscoping (drawing on live footage), produced by Raphael Bob-Waksberg (father of Bojack Horseman) and Kate Purdy (author of Bojack) and made at Dutch studios Submarine together with the Americans Minnow Mountain.

The story talks about the experiences of Alma, a young girl who discovers she can travel back and forth in time after a car accident, in a mix of reality and dream journeys led by her deceased father.

A series dedicated to an adult audience whose 8 episodes first season was released in 2019. After the renewal, it is finally time for the new season that will be released on the Prime Video platform on April 29.

Here is the video that quickly summarizes the facts of the first episodes and then three unreleased scenes from the second season:

[ Fra - source Prime Video ]
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