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Little Eggs: An African Rescue
November 2, 2021

Little Eggs: An African Rescue

Among eggs, roosters and hens comes the fourth chapter of the films from Mexican studios Huevocartoon Studios. Below info and trailers.
The fourth title of the Mexican animation studios is entitled Little Eggs: An African Rescue, also produced and directed by the founding brothers of the studios, Rodolfo and Gabriel Riva Palacio, on a story written with Eduardo M.Clorio and Inaki Otero.

The story revolves around the rooster Toto who, having become a father, must face the complex mission of rescuing his sons/eggs Max and Uly stolen by some criminals to be sold as food to be served at an exclusive event in Africa dedicated only to billionaires, together to other dishes of animals whose hunting is prohibited.

Already distributed in Central America, it is the first film in the saga to leave the borders of the continent thanks to the worldwide distribution of the Australian label Odin's Eye.

While the studios are already working on a new title developed together with producer Aron Warner (Shrek) and the fifth chapter of the egg saga, here is the trailer that presents Little Eggs: An African Rescue:

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