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Angry Birds Slingshot Stories - the season 2 in a few weeks
June 8, 2021

Angry Birds Slingshot Stories - the season 2 in a few weeks

The little Rovio angry birds are ready to return with the short free web-series in a new second season. Below the trailer and the first full season.
The popular Angry Birds video game continues to multiply in countless variations across multiple media. It is time for renewal for the web series Angry Birds Slingshot Stories ready to return with a second and longer season, with episodes always lasting about a minute and without the use of some dialogue.

The first season was made up of only 10 episodes (below) and has been viewed over 22 million times. The second will instead consist of 30 episodes.

The premise is simple: explore the life and free time of the Angry Birds characters' lives behind the scenes of the video game, while they are not in front of the screen. Friendships, rivalries and more that continue even when the birds and pigs are not "at work".

Featuring CG animations produced by Indian studios Cosmos-Maya, the episodes will be available on the official YouTube channel every week starting on June 19th.

Here is the trailer for the second season:

And here the 10 episodes first season:

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