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Feature animated films 2019 - Focus on
December 29, 2018

Feature animated films 2019 - Focus on

At the end of the year we take a look at the new that awaits us, with all the loads of titles that it will propose. And between new ones and sequel, we await a year full of securities of great interest, which we explore below.
2019 will be another important year for the animation film industry, with the return of important names between authors and sagas who have made the fortune of their production studies. Sagas like Dragon Trainer, Toy Story or Lego Movie. There are also many new and different styles and techniques chosen, from the classic two-dimensional animations, privileged by the oriental animation studios, stop-motion, preferred by the British Aardman and the Americans Laika, the comic computer graphics to the most sought-after realism with the new version of Disney's Lion King.

Here the films we suggest...

In February we return to the world of Lego bricks with the second film adventure. Always made at the Australian Animal Logic, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part will do in verse action movies like MadMax and others, taking the characters on a journey off the planet earth and introducing new scenarios and characters, good and bad, with the optimist Hemmet at the head of the team. We will see if he will be able to repeat the glories of criticism and incursions of the first chapter.

Also in February, one of the sure protagonists of the year is awaited: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. The third chapter will also mark the end of the saga, one of the most successful of DreamWorks Animation franchise and the one with the best written stories, with characters that it is impossible not to be attached to and beautiful Viking atmospheres in which to get lost. Its author and director, Dean DeBlois, said in a tweet, after the first screenin for the dubbers, that the actor Gerard Butler and his friends were in tears.

In March the Paramount studios are back together with Nickelodeon and the animations of the Spanish studios Ilion Animation to present Wonder Park, an animal comedy for the whole family that will take us on the roller coaster of an amazing imaginary amusement park.

The first of the titles made with stop-motion animations coming to the theaters in 2019 is Missing Link made by Laika. History of the mythological Sasquatch and some traveling researchers to discover its origins, a film that, according to its authors, pushes even further the potential of stop-motion animation techniques.

Followed by the stop-motion feature film by the brilliant Aardman Animation, this time a sequel starring one of their simplest and most ingenious characters: the sheep Shaun. And the premises of the new story are also many, starting with the title: Farmageddon: A Shaun the Sheep Movie.

The direct competitors of Lego bricks, the Playmobil, also arrive on the big screens for the first time next summer with Playmobil Movie, an original animated film that will take inspiration from the most famous settings of the well-known toys, in which there will be characters and situations parody to the most popular films of the last few years.

Another summer hits will be yet another Disney's live-action reboot of an originally animated film, which in 2019 will also feature Dumbo by Tim Burton and Aladdin with Will Smith as part of the Genie. In addition to these two there will be The Lion King, a film that will follow exactly the deeds of the original animated (two Oscars winner) but with real animals, or better, exact reproductions in computer graphics applied on backgrounds (almost always) real. The director Jon Favreau (Iron Man) will try to reach a high level of realism.

In 2019 numerous sagas that will present new chapters, starting from the summer with Pixar's Toy Story 4, yet another chapter that represents a purely commercial choice of Disney, then moving on to The Secret Life of Pets 2, sequel to the 2016 Illumination blockbustet ($875 million worldwide), with Rovio's Angry Birds 2 in September, and finally closing with the probable Christmas holiday blockbuster 2019: Disney's Frozen 2.

2019 will also mark the return of Blue Sky Studios (Ice Age saga, Rio, Ferdinand), whose fate after the purchase of the Fox (owners of the studios) by Disney its destiny is still unknown. Protagonist of the new comedy Spies in Disguise will be a secret agent, voiced by Will Smith, turned into a pigeon.

Before the Christmas holidays 2019 are also scheduled in the theaters two new films with well-known characters: the prince of Sega brand videogames, the fast Sonic The Hedgehog, with a title still mysterious, animated or hybrid, with a very realistic design and less comic and with exceptional voice actors like Jim Carrey. And the return of The Addams Family, for the first time in theaters in animated version.

You can find the complete 2019 Release list always updated clicking here in Release section.

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