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Pinocchio and Friends - Rainbow studios in the world of Carlo Collodi
December 28, 2020

Pinocchio and Friends - Rainbow studios in the world of Carlo Collodi

It is a new animated Italian production titled Pinocchio and Friends, a new series of which we see the very first animations immediately below.
Iginio Straffi, father of "Winx Club" and of the Rainbow studios for 2021 takes advantage of CG technology in an animated series that takes us into the world of Carlo Collodi and his most loved character.

"This is a very important challenge for us, we have in fact dragged the wooden puppet into our reality, the one made up of mobile phones, drones and video games. Geppetto is not a simple carpenter, but a repairman who lives in a toys and Pinocchio's alter ego is Frida, a rag doll who knows how to stand up to him and interact with him," comments Straffi himself.

The environment also brings us back the best of Tuscan views; "It would have been easier to choose a great American metropolis, because our goal is to make sure that a child from Sao Paulo and Tokyo can identify with Pinocchio, but we wanted to pay homage to our land and to the one it has given birth to Collodi, while being aware of having to make an extra effort to be able to make our message universal."

"Pinocchio is the most beloved Italian character ever created in fairytale literature. Throughout my career I have waited for the right moment to bring this concept to life with the attention to detail and quality it deserves. Now that I have the chance, I can't wait to reveal to the world audience a Pinocchio who speaks to children in a carefree and positive way, and that pushes them to cultivate their dreams. Families will love this compelling series and children will find in Pinocchio their new hero,".

Presented at the italian Giffoni Winter Edition festival, the series will arrive on small home screens only at the end of 2021.

Here the first animations:

[ Fra - source Rainbow ]
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