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AnimeShort: The Perfumery of Monsieur Pompone
March 27, 2020
AnimeShort: The Perfumery of Monsieur Pompone
Far from the bad news that this historical period holds for us, we relax with a nice French animated short film titled The Perfumery of Mr. Pompone, included in our collection Animeshort.
The original title is La Parfumerie de Monsieur Pompone, work created in computer graphics by Axel de LAFFOREST, Florian RATTE, Yoann DEMETTRE, Camille FERRARI and Tanguy WEYLAND, awarded at the Aniwow Benjing festival and at the Panam anim.

In his fantastic factory, the wonderful Mr. Pompone creates the most extraordinary perfumes surrounded by an aura of tradition and prestige.

Here the short film in full version:

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