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First images for Onward - upcoming Pixar film
First images for Onward - upcoming Pixar film
The very first images of the upcoming Pixar film Onward have been released. Coming in 2020 will be created by Monsters University director and producer. Below the first images and infos.
The voices of the main characters are played by Chis Pratt, Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer. The director and author of the story is Dan Scanlon, that team up again with producer Kori Rae (Monsters University).

Set in a fantasy world populated by elves, trolls goblins and unicorns, the protagonists of the story are two elf teen brothers who will embark on an adventure to discover if there is still real magic in their world.

"Tom Holland is perfect for our character of Ian, the younger brother. We were looking for someone who could have this shy quality and someone who is good at being a little awkward. And Tom is great at that! And yet has a genuine sweetness to him that you really root for him," says Scanlon. "We wanted someone who was the exact opposite of that [for Barley]. Someone who could be wild and chaotic and out of control, but in a very charming and infectious way. And Chris Pratt is perfect for that. He has this ability to be both sort of wild and out of control but in a really lovable, fun, infectious way."

Set to hit theaters in USA March 6, 2020, waiting the first animations, here the firs images about the main characters:

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