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7Seeds, a post-apocalyptic awakening in the new Netflix anime
7Seeds, a post-apocalyptic awakening in the new Netflix anime
Based on the award-winning manga by Yumi Tamura, the anime series 7Seeds takes us to the earth after a global catastrophe, in a difficult life for survival.
Sebun Shizu, the original title, was collected in 35 volumes (Tankobon) from 2001 to 2017 and, after the conclusion, an anime was announced by the studio Gonzo, under the direction of Yukio Takahashi, the character design by Youko Satou and the singer Majiko playing the song "WISH" used as a closing theme.

The story is set on planet Earth, after a catastrophic meteor impact that cancelled almost all living things. Some states have created bunkers, called Seed, in which children are cryogenically conserved to preserve life. They will be woken up many years later, when a computer will re-evaluate the earth. These groups will have to survive the new, dangerous world.

Originally announced for April 2019, the series will be released only in the summer, in June, on Netflix, due to production delays.

Here the first trailer:

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