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Sony plans sequel and spin-off for Spider-Man Spider-Verse
Sony plans sequel and spin-off for Spider-Man Spider-Verse
Just a couple of weeks to put your eyes on the new animated film starring Spider-Man, but Sony already plans a sequel and a female spin-off. Below all the infos.
The multi-verse theory is at the center of the new and awaited Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, project that will land in theaters around the world in a few weeks, project based on action and cool characters, with a female versions of Spider-Man too.

The Hollywood Reporter write that the studios are already at work on a sequel and a female spin-off.

SEQUEL: The film will be directed by Joaquim Dos Santos (Justice League Unlimited, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, DreamWorks Voltron) with a script written by David Callaham (The Expendables, Godzilla, Wonder Woman 1984).

SPIN-OFF: Sony is in negotiations with Lauren Montgomery (Superman/Doomsday, Wonder Woman 2009, Batman: Year One, Justice League: Doom, DreamWorks Voltron) to direct this Spider-Sisterhood project with the script written by Bek Smith, which will put all the female heroes of the Spider-Man storyverse together.

In addition to Peni Parker and Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen/Spider-Woman) other female heroes could be included like Mattie Franklin, Jessica Drew or Julia Carpenter, Madame Webb, Anya Corazon or Cindy Moon (Silk).

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will land in theaters in UK starting December 12 and in US starting December 14.

Click here to watch the latest trailer.

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