Event: Goofy

Date: May 12
He is an imaginary character from Disney cartoons and comics created in the thirties. In the imaginary universe he lives in quite town and is the best friend of Mickey Mouse. It is an anthropomorphic dog, tall, slouching, clumsy and dressed as a farmer; he is careless, forgetful, disordered and gullible, and therefore represents the ideal counterpart of the rational and efficient Mickey Mouse.

The first appearance of a character similar to him called Dippy Dawg was in the cartoon Mickey's Revue (April 20, 1932) in which Mickey Mouse, Clarabella and Horace performed in a musical show and Dippy, at the forefront of the public, was disturbing with endless and coarse laughter.

In the mid-1930s Disney began making a series of cartoons that featured Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. With the continuation of the series, the role of Mickey Mouse became less and less; Donald and Goofy (the first with his implacable misfortune, the latter with his carelessness) were more comical and for this reason became the favorite of Disney writers. Polar Trappers was the first cartoon dedicated exclusively to this duo.

Goofy today is one of the most famous characters that revolve around Mickey Mouse, known for many generations.

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