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Announced the Feature Films In Competition at Annecy 2019
Announced the Feature Films In Competition at Annecy 2019
Annecy, the most important Animation Film Festival of the Old Continent, among the best known in the world, start works for the 2019 edition, presenting the films in competition and not.
The new edition will be held 10 to 15 June, in the homonymous French town and will bring together over 11,000 industry professionals.

Here the list of the film in competition:

Bu˝uel en el laberinto de las tortugas (Spain, Netherlands)
Directed by: Salvador SIMO

Created with 2D animations, following the scandal after the screening of "The Golden Age" in Paris in 1930, Luis Bu˝uel becomes completely depressed and penniless. A winning lottery ticket will change things and enable Bu˝uel to make the film "Land Without Bread".

L'Extraordinaire Voyage de Marona (Romania, France, Belgium)
Directeb by: Anca DAMIAN

Created with 2D, 3D and Cut-outs animations, victim of an accident, a small female dog remembers her different masters that she has unconditionally loved. Due to her unfailing empathy, her life becomes a lesson about love.

La Fameuse Invasion des ours en Sicile (France, Italy)
Directed by: Lorenzo MATTOTTI

It all starts with Tonio, the Bear King's son, who is kidnapped by hunters in the Sicilian mountains. When the harsh winter threatens his people with famine, King LÚonce decides to invade the land where the men live. With the help of his army, and a wizard, he succeeds and finally finds Tonio. But he soon discovers that bears are not meant to live in the land of men.

Ride Your Wave (Japan)
Directed by: Masaaki YUASA

Hinako, a girl who loves surfing, moves to a seaside town. During a fire, she is saved by Minato a firefighter. This meeting bears witness to an improbable fusion between two beings from opposing elements. But, Minato drowns while out surfing alone. When everyone else is trying to get over Minato's death, Hinako hangs onto her friend's spirit that reappears in the form of water.

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Ternet Ninja (Checkered Ninja) (Denmark)
Directed by: Anders MATTHESEN, Thorbj°rn CHRISTOFFERSEN

When Alex gets a Ninja doll from his uncle Stewart after a trip to Thailand, he finds out that the doll is alive and can help him deal with problems he has at school. Alex agrees to return the favor, but soon Alex realizes that the checkered ninja is possessed and on a mission to get his revenge.

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The Relative Worlds (Japan)
Directed by: Yuhei SAKURAGI

Shin is an ordinary high-school boy living in Tokyo. One day he meets a boy called Jin who looks exactly like him, and claims that he comes from another world. According to Jin, a parallel world exists where the evil Princess Kotoko reigns. Jin has come to Tokyo to kill her Kotoko double, who happens to be Shin's closest friend, Kotori.

The Wonderland (Japan)
Directed by: Keiichi HARA

Akane is a young shy girl, lacking in self-confidence. The day before her birthday she goes to her Aunt's antique shop to choose herself a present. Suddenly a very mysterious man appears from her Aunt's basement: Hippocrates the Alchemist. He comes from another world that is threatened by a serious drought. He believes that Akane is the Goddess of the Green Wind and that she can save their world.

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White Snake (China)
Directed by: Kahong WONG, Ji ZHAO

A young woman called Blanca, who'd lost her memory was saved by a snake catcher, Xuan. But, she is far from being out of danger. They go in search of clues to her identity. Along the way they encounter one dangerous obstacle after another, and gradually develop feelings for one another. Just as they are close to working out who she really is, disaster looms.

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