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Eddie Murphy confirms Shrek 5 and a spin-off
July 1, 2024

Eddie Murphy confirms Shrek 5 and a spin-off

The voice actor of one of the characters from the franchise made in DreamWorks Animation starring the well-known green Ogre talks about the new chapter.
Announced eight years ago, today we are back talking about Shrek 5, the new chapter of the successful (and first) franchise from the studios now owned by Universal Pictures.

On the occasion of the release of a new film starring the actor Eddie Murphy, in an interview he said that he had already carried out the first dubbing sessions of the character of "Donkey" and that he is not the only project he discussed with the studios.

"We started working on Shrek 5 six months ago [...] So Shrek is coming back. Yes, we will make another Shrek movie and a Donkey movie." The actor also added "'The movie will be just about Donkey and, well, his dragon wife and his half-donkey, half-dragon children will also be in it."

So after the character of Puss in Boots voiced by Antonio Banderas, the talkative donkey will also have his own film. The franchise of the green ogre who lives in the fairytale world with all his bizarre characters started in 2001 is far from over.

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