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Teaser for Catherine Maximoff's The Island of Salamanders project
June 6, 2024

Teaser for Catherine Maximoff's The Island of Salamanders project

The feature film The Island of Salamanders is an entirely European project, of which we will show you the teaser trailer immediately below.
L'Ile aux Salamandres in French (The Island of Salamanders in international territory) is a feature film project made with 3D animations and cell-shading rendering using Unreal Engine created by Catherine Maximoff with the co-production of Les Contes Modernes (France), Artichoke (Slovakia) and Fabian&Fred (Germany).

Loosely based on the novel "The War of the Salamanders" by Karel Capek, the story is set on a wild island where 11-year-old Juliette and her father, a businessman on the run, are stranded. Here the little girl meets a surprising giant salamander, which grows with her family on the nearby islet surrounded by sharks. The two become friends but old Pramana warns her: if the salamanders are freed, they will invade the world...

While waiting for further information, here is the teaser:

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