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Killtube - Chocolate Inc. wants to produce its first anime film
April 9, 2024

Killtube - Chocolate Inc. wants to produce its first anime film

The pilot of the first anime film project by Chocolate Inc., the Japanese company behind the Dark Gathering anime, has been presented. Info and video below.
The video for the pilot film has the theme "Edo punk" and depicts the Shibuya and Shinjuku districts of Tokyo in a parallel world, where the Edo shogunate has closed off Japan for over four centuries until 2026. In this isolated and stratified society, the only way to change your station in life is through duels streamed on Killtube.

The film's story chronicles the struggles of an unlikely trio from the lowest strata of society who aim for the top. As they conquer the general public, they discover the hidden truth behind the Killtube system.

The film is directed and planned by Kazuaki Kuribayashi at Studio Dotou, with Chocolate Inc. in charge of production with a budget of 1 billion yen ($6.6 million), the special effects produced by Studio Kassen and the concept by the Wachajack group.

The film is expected to run approximately 90 minutes and arrive in home theaters in Spring 2026, with plans to release it worldwide soon after.

Here the pilot:

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