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Star Wars - after Tales of the Jedi comes Tales of the Empire
April 4, 2024

Star Wars - after Tales of the Jedi comes Tales of the Empire

The new original animated series produced by Lucasfilm set in the Star Wars universe is Tales of the Empire. Trailer and release date below.
Star Wars: Tales of the Empire is a six-episode journey into the fearsome Galactic Empire through the eyes of two warriors on divergent paths, set during different eras. After losing everything, young Morgan Elsbeth navigates the expanding Imperial world toward a path of vengeance, while former Jedi Barriss Offee does what she must to survive a rapidly changing galaxy. The choices they make will define their destinies.

The voice cast includes Diana Lee Inosanto Meredith Salenger, Rya Kihlstedt, Wing T. Chao, Lars Mikkelsen, Jason Isaacs and Matthew Wood.

The filmmaking staff includes Dave Filoni, author of the series and supervising director. Filoni also serves as executive producer alongside Athena Yvette Portillo and Carrie Beck, with Josh Rimes co-executive producer and Alex Spotswood senior producer.

Like the first season Tales of the Jedi, the season two will be available on the same iconic date for the franchise: May 4 on the Disney+ platform.

Here are the first animations:

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