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Official trailer for the series Masters of the Universe: Revolution
January 12, 2024

Official trailer for the series Masters of the Universe: Revolution

The animated series Masters of the Universe: Revolution, in which technology and magic collide, is presented with the official trailer, a few weeks of the release.
From Kevin Smith, Mattel Television Studio, and Netflix comes an epic tale that features He-Man vs. Skeletor in a highly anticipated brawl for all of Eternia.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution is the new epic chapter in the battle for Castle Grayskull! The newly mechanized Skeletor, armed with the might of Motherboard, attacks the heart of Eternia while Prince Adam grapples with a new responsibility and what that means for him as He-Man! Adam is forced to choose between the scepter or the sword, and a life as either the King or the Champion! Meanwhile, the new Sorceress Teela searches for the secret of Snake Magic in the mists of Darksmoke to rebuild a magic realm and help He-Man hold off the greatest threat Eternia has ever faced: the return of the despot Hordak, the ruthless leader of the Horde Empire!

With animations produced by Powerhouse Animation Studios, all 5 episodes of this new chapter will be available from January 25.

Here the official trailer:

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