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Maboroshi - the new anime by Mari Okada and Studio Mappa on Netflix
November 27, 2023

Maboroshi - the new anime by Mari Okada and Studio Mappa on Netflix

The streaming platform Netflix has acquired the rights to the new anime written and directed by Mari Okada and produced by the prestigious studios Mappa. Below info, release date and trailer.
The anime Alice to Therese no Maboroshi Kojo (Alice and Therese's Illusory Factory), released last September in Japanese theaters, will arrive internationally with the title Maboroshi.

This is the story of those armed with an unstoppable urge to fall in love who struggle for a future in a world where change is forbidden.

Fourteen-year-old Masamune lives in a town where the flow of time has stopped after an explosion at a steel factory seals off all avenues of escape. In hopes that everything will someday return to normal, the town makes a rule that nothing must be changed, and Masamune spends his days in depression. One day, his intriguing and enigmatic classmate Mutsumi leads him into a blast furnace at the steel factory. There, he finds Itsumi, a girl who cannot speak and acts like a wild wolf. Masamune's encounter with these two girls begins eroding the balance of the world. What future awaits the unstoppable urge to fall in love?

Written and directed by Mari Okada with Tadashi Hiramatsu as assistant director, Yuriko Ishii author of the character design and head animator, Kazuki Higashiji artistic director and Masaru Yokoyama author of the music, the animations are produced by studio Mappa.

On Netflix from January 15, 2024, here is the trailer:

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