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New animated chapter for The Witcher franchise
November 13, 2023

New animated chapter for The Witcher franchise

The well-known streaming platform Netflix does not want to abandon the The Witcher franchise, putting a new animated chapter in production: Sirens of the Deep.
The new animated film based on the Geralt of Rivia character created by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski is titled The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep.

With the animations produced by the South Koreans Studio Mir, the history of the film is chronologically between episode 5 and 6 of the first season of the live-action series always produced by the streaming platform.

"Geralt, a monster hunter, is hired to investigate a series of attacks in a sea village and finds himself involved in a secular conflict between humans and sirens. He must count on old and new friends to resolve the mystery before the hostilities between the two kingdoms degenerate in a total war" reports the synopsis.

The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep is written by the same screenwriters of the original series, Mike Ostrowski and Rae Benjamin and produced by the showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissich, and is directed by Kang Hei Chul (storyboard artist for the previous The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf).

Expected at the end of 2024, here are the first animations:

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Studio Ghibli

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