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Young David - the animated series of the Biblical king
November 1, 2023

Young David - the animated series of the Biblical king

A new animated series aimed at children and inspired by a biblical character is appearing on a streaming platform. It's titled Young David and below we see the first animations.
The stories of the boy who will become King will begin broadcasting next month thanks to the production of Minno, Slingshot Productions, Sunrise Animation Studios and Angel Studios, and excellent CG animation.

Young David brings to life the growing-up years of one of the greatest kings in history. Though he would go on to become a renowned leader and leave an unparalleled legacy, he had to start somewhere! The series steps into David's early life as a young teenage shepherd - with lyre, slingshot, and sheep for friends. Rooted in Biblical context and populated with many of the actual people, places, and kinds of events David would have experienced, each episode focuses on one defining characteristic of David - the one God called a man after His own heart.

The animated series will be a prequel to the feature film David which Slingshot Productions in partnership with Angel Studios will release in 2025.

Furthermore, illustrated books and other material are already being released.

All five episodes of the series will be available on the Minno Kids streaming platform starting from November 10, one per month. Here are the dates and titles:

- November 10, 2023 "Warrior"
- 8 December 2023 "King"
- January 12, 2024 "Shepherd"
- 9 February 2024 "Poet"
- March 8 "Worshiper"

Here is the preview of the first episode:

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