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Get ready to explore Skull Island - Trailer of the new Netflix series
June 12, 2023

Get ready to explore Skull Island - Trailer of the new Netflix series

The new animated series expected on the Netflix platform in a few days is Skull Island in which the absolute main characters are monsters and kaiju. Trailer below.
Legendary Television, Warner Bros. Discovery, Warner Bros. Animation and Tractor Pants commission to Texans Powerhouse Animation Studios to create the animated series Skull Island, presented with the tagline "Many Monsters, One Kings".

A story that will take us back to the famous island where King Kong lives, the protagonist of the live-action blockbusters of recent years that he shared with his Japanese "colleague" Godzilla.

A group of kind-hearted explorers rescues Annie from the ocean, unaware that their act of heroism will lead them to the treacherous Skull Island. This enigmatic place is home to bizarre creatures and terrifying monsters, including the mighty titan himself, Kong.

The series will be available from June 22 on Netflix.

Here the official trailer:

[ Fra - source Netflix ]
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