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The success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie changes Nintendo's mind
April 24, 2023

The success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie changes Nintendo's mind

The success in theaters around the world of the feature film The Super Mario Bros. Movie makes the leaders of the well-known Japanese video game brand change his minds and open the box of their treasures.
The race at the box offices for The Super Mario Bros. Movie continues unabated with first places in almost every foreign market and the stratospheric figure of $871 million after three weeks of programming, certainly projected at exceed one billion.

The formula of the film written and conceived to entertain and excite the spectators (fanservice) proves successful and, therefore, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator behind Mario and many other Nintendo's games, as well as the producer of the film, says he is ready to break the mold and launch other films based on the wide range of Nintendo characters.

A decisive change of course for the company notoriously reluctant to sell off its intellectual properties which could finally open the doors to long-awaited and long-requested works by fans such as The Legend of Zelda, in addition to practically certain sequel to Super Mario Bros. or spin-off dedicated to secondary characters.

According to Miyamoto, the success of Super Mario Bros. The Movie is due in large part to a focus on conveying the story through visuals rather than exposition. "One should explain a scene in words only when there is no other way. Drama without explanation is best," explains Shigeru.

There is no other information at the moment but we will surely know more soon.

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