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Cartoons and Cars: the Super Turbo Story Time series on MotorTrend
March 21, 2023

Cartoons and Cars: the Super Turbo Story Time series on MotorTrend

A new animated series arrives for the first time on a monothematic channel dedicated to the world of four wheels: MotorTrend. Below an extract from Super Turbo Story Time.
Two passions that have been fused together thanks to the executive producers Chris Prynoski (president and founder of the animation studios Titmouse) and Daniel C. Katz , land on the MotorTrend channels (owned by Discovery).

It is the first animated series of a monothematic channel dedicated to an adult audience, with a first season consisting of eight episodes and hosted by a duo of famous guests who share extraordinary stories of the automotive world, illustrated with a mix of raucous animations mainly for adults two dimensional.

The series' goal is to honor longtime automotive nerds and welcome new members of automotive culture through captivating visuals and fun humor. As one host shares his most amazing automotive story, the other listens intently, ready to point out any holes in the story or just crack jokes from the peanut gallery.

Personalities include Rob Corddry, comedian, producer and co-host of Top Gear America on MotorTrend+; actress, producer and automaker Emelia Hartford; Roadkill co-host on MotorTrend+ David Freiburger; rapper, actor and songwriter Xzibit; automotive journalist Kristen Lee; the racer and voice of Formula D, Jarod DeAnda; Hooniverse co-founder and executive editor Jeff Glucker; Dave Shuten of Discovery Channel's Car Kings; Death Proof actress and stuntwoman Zoe Bell; and actor, comedian, writer and producer Colton Dunn.

The series covers stories taking place from the early 1900s to the present day, and everywhere in between. Titmouse's challenge was to immerse each story in a historical period while also maintaining a consistent feel for the show as a whole.

Titmouse's animation and backgrounds were all made in Adobe Animate and composed in After Effects, already available on the aforementioned Discovery group channels.

Here an extract:

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