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Disney dives into sequels: Toy Story 5, Frozen 3 and Zootopia 2
February 9, 2023

Disney dives into sequels: Toy Story 5, Frozen 3 and Zootopia 2

The Disney CEO Bob Iger, recently returned to his chair, announces three sequels to try to build a future of tranquility based on well-known characters.
After the flop experiment Strange World which, we remind you, collected $38 million in the USA and just $73 million worldwide against a budget of around $130/180 million, the studios play it safe putting sequels of three popular franchises into production.

We are talking about Toy Story 5, the Pixar toys saga that began in 1995 and whose third chapter marked the right conclusion as conceived by the studios where it was born, before the owners decided to squeeze the characters even further.

The sequels of the franchises produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, the blockbuster and title that embodies the quintessential Disney classic, Frozen, and the beautiful comedy/mystery starring animals of each size, Zootropolis, will return respectively with the third and second titles.

At the box-office Frozen (2013) grossed #1,284 billion and the sequel (2019) even more, reaching almost $1,5 billion.

Zootropolis (2016) was no different, just over the $1 billion mark.

But the sequels, according to IMDB, will continue with Cars 3, Finding Marlin and The Incredibles 3. No dates have been announced but we won't see them before 2024.

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