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Production I.G - Masakazu Ishiguro's Heavenly Delusion become an anime
October 21, 2022

Production I.G - Masakazu Ishiguro's Heavenly Delusion become an anime

A sci-fi manga released a few years ago becomes an anime thanks to Production I.G. It's titled Heavenly Delusion and you will find the first information below.
Within the safety of the walls, youths are raised in a nursery-style setting by robots. While life there may appear stale on the surface, the children are full of potential and curiosity. In many ways it is like a slice of heaven. The outside world is a hell-scape. It is almost entirely void of anything mechanical and is now inhabited by bizarre, yet powerful super-natural beings.
Maru, with the aid of Kiruko, is out there crisscrossing what was once Tokyo for heaven. But after searching for so long, maybe heaven is more of an untenable dream than a potential reality.

Kodansha has announced that Masakazu Ishiguro manga titled Heavenly Delusion, in Japan Tengoku Dai Makyo, released in 2018, will become an anime in 2023.

Waiting for more information, here is the promo created to advertise the first volume:

[ Fra - source ANN/Catsuka ]
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Texts license rules
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